Parents feel lost when they try to plan their kid’s birthday party. Kids’ parties are more elaborate today than they were a few decades ago. Parent rent ponies, bounce houses or transform their garden into a fantasy world. There is no need to be concerned because kids are easy to please and this can be done easily without disappointing them.

Throw a bash at a party venue

Zero Gravity Park is a popular destination for the Twin Cities birthday parties. It has a huge trampoline jumping surface, climbing wall, arcade games, foam pit, dodge ball, indoor playground, slam Dunk court, and more. Your kid’s birthday party bash held here can create memories for every child participating.

Give your kid the best birthday celebration with the amazing themes given below.

  • Pirate costume party including eye patches, costume, and treasure hunt.
  • Nature hiking
  • Camping birthday theme with tents, campfire, and more
  • Spa-day with mud masks and facials
  • Build-a -Lego theme party
  • Jungle safari, where kids choose a favorite animal costume and enjoy fruit salad
  • Painting party with paints, smocks, and mini easels

  • Baking with cupcake tasting or apron decorating or cooking contest
  • Karaoke contest
  • Book character, where kids dress in characters from one of their favorite stories and play the part
  • Gardening
  • Carnival or fair is a good theme, where food can be served in vintage style boxes and play ball toss or ring toss games
  • Set photo booth including items like wigs, scarves, paper mustaches, and hats. Later email the photos to other parents
  • Kids enjoy getting messy, so get everyone to participate in pie-in-the-face after a kid loses a 3-legged race or a lemon-in-the-spoon race

  • The dance party is also cool because kids go crazy and everyone enjoys watching them dance. Add excitement adding freeze game, when the music stops.
  • Scavenger hunt for older kids can be arranged in the mall, whereas for young ones can be done at home.

The ideas for a kid party are countless, you need to be creative and make it unique. However, make sure to set a budget because the cost can add quickly. Create a to-do list and determine if you wish to plan a party at home or a venue. If it is a venue then look for one that offers games your child is interested in. You will need to book in advance, so start planning early!