Are you hosting a children’s party, an informal summer reunion, or a graduation party? Whatever celebration you have, you cannot go wrong with a pizza party. You can make home-made pizza with your friends or have pizza catering done by a good restaurant nearby. The best part of ordering pizza from a restaurant is that most places also make wings delivery which will complete the flavors. If you are planning to host the party in your home the tips below can help achieve a successful event:

Consider the Preferences of your Guests in Terms of Toppings

For most people, pepperoni is the most preferred pizza topping. However, some of your guests may have other preferences. To make sure you have selections for everyone, send out an email to ask your possible guests about their preferred toppings. Make sure to leave space for them to indicate any sensitivities and allergies to food. This way, you can order gluten-free or vegetarian pizza.

Ensure there are Proper Seating and Utensils for Everyone

If you are ordering deep-dish pizza, you will knives and fork for your guests. This kind of pizza has a unique crust and thick topping layer so they cannot be eaten by hands. Ensure there are enough plates, forks, and knives for all your guests. Think about having some extras. Also, make sure all your guests have a seat with a table nearby to make it easy for them to cut their pizza.

Plan for Desserts, Sides, and Appetizers

While a slice of deep-dish pizza can be a hearty meal, you still have to prepare appetizers and sides. Buffalo wings and garlic bread are staples for pizza parties which match perfectly with any pie. For your sides, order a big communal portion of Caesar salad or spinach salad and let your guests serve themselves. Desserts like cookies or cheesecake are excellent finishes to a delicious pizza meal.

Let your Friend Help

Even if you will be the host of your pizza party, you can put some of your friends to work if you are making home-made pizzas. They will certainly not mind. Let two of them roll, loss, and stretch the dough. Others can sauté toppings and grate cheese. Set out the dough rounds and the toppings so everybody can assemble their own pies that have their favorite flavor mixes.

Don’t forget to keep aluminum foil on hand for packing up any leftover pizza for your guests to take home. This way, they will have a great lunch for the next day.