New York City – a city that never sleeps. It is not surprising that the range of activities that you can do and things you can enjoy after dusk, is huge. If you are planning to stay for a couple of days, below is a list of things you can consider for evenings.

Go to a jazz club

The best jazz club in NYC – Birdland – has many shows and events all through the year, and this can be particularly fun for couples and families. Even if you don’t understand much about jazz, the experience can be amazing, especially because these clubs offer a whole list of signature dishes with booze. You can spend hours here, simply ordering from the menu and enjoying performances of contemporary jazz artists.

Head to the High Line

For the uninitiated, the High Line is an elevated public area that takes visitors through the city and is built on abandoned rail tracks. There are guided tours available on Saturdays and Tuesdays for free, while you can also opt for star gazing in the evening. A lot of people have a thing for the views from here, and access is free!

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

While you can choose to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge anytime of the day, the evenings are special, because you can see the stunning skyline of Lower Manhattan. The bridge is an architectural wonder and an important landmark of NYC, and nothing beats a romantic walk in the evening with someone you love.

Enjoy time at Times Square

Yes, Times Square is crowded and busy, but you cannot come to NYC and miss a trip to these iconic streets. Times Square is also close to the entertainment arena, where you can watch some of the most iconic Broadway shows. The TKTS booth at Times Square has cheap tickets for selected shows on the same day that you can check. Neon lights, bright and tall billboards, and a crowd that’s always ready to smile back – this is a great experience.

Dine late in the night and watch a comedy show

Many restaurants in NYC operate all 24 hours of the day, and it is never too late to grab a meal. Many comedy-shows start late in the evening and continue all the way till midnight and beyond. If you can manage the tickets, do take a shot.

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