Bachelor parties are an ancient tradition, where the bridegroom gives his friends dinner some days before his wedding. In 1960, a bachelorette party started which involved getting drunk and enjoy male strippers. It is a way to celebrate the new marriage journey of the bride-to-be. It can also be termed as a night filled with craziness. There are good reasons that a bride-to-be needs to plan a bachelorette party.

  • Honor your old life as a single before committing to a new couple’s journey. This purpose may make the event more meaningful and amusing rather than following the trend.
  • Celebrate and remember the great moments spent with your near and dear girl-friends.
  • As a single person, you can properly say goodbye to the old chapter with your best friends and be thrilled about opening doors to a new chapter.

The bachelorette parties in Miami are low key after the crazy Christmas rush. So, if the wedding is arranged in the months between January and April, then you can plan a low key beach girls weekend in Miami or South Beach.

Bachelorette party planning ideas 

Book in advance

If you are heading towards Miami with a group then make reservations in advance. Before you book look there are no festivals on the day you schedule as the hotel prices can escalate.

Plan a fancy brunch

You can plan fancy Saturday or Sunday farewell brunch at top dinner spots like the PubBelly, Cecconi’s, The Bazaar, etc.

Go clubbing

E11Even is a 24-hour nightclub in Miami, where you and your friends can go crazy. Having dinner with wine and watching a striptease show sounds exciting.

Pamper party

Book a manicure/pedicure spa or a Thai massage session with your friends. Pampering is a great way to start the weekend celebration. Some of your friends are so busy that they need to get relieved and thus catch up with them comfortably with a glass of beer or martini.

Private pool or beach party

Celebrate singlehood all day at a beach soaking the sun and enjoying beer or champagne.

Private hotel-room party

Nightclubs are worth experiencing but a private party in a comfortable hotel room environment can be thrilling. Invite a male stripper to enjoy before getting hitched!

Never forget to enjoy

You never know, when you can get a chance to go out with your best girlfriends. Therefore, enjoy the party, revive the great moments of your past and make space for building new ones after marriage.