Strip clubs are the obvious first choice for bachelor’s parties because they provide a made-to-order venue with a nice loud sound system, pretty girls, and pricy watered-down booze. The bachelors get up onstage in front of hot women being toyed and photographed.

Although there are many ways to throw a bachelor’s party without strippers, if you want live adult entertainment on your boys’ night, a visit to the nearest strip club in Philadelphia can be your easiest option. But, to maximize your experience, you must follow the rules of the club to avoid ending up in a stripper jail. Here are some tips to help you stay out of this jail:

Show Respect

The house rules are law in strip clubs. Everything is designed to create a safe environment for everyone there. You should not expect special treatment just because you are part of a bachelor’s party. Remember that while you use the venue for your party, the staff and will keep an extra eye on you and your friends.

Dress Up

Strippers will appreciate it when customers go there dressed nicely and cleanly. Besides, you are going to a bachelor’s party so try to clean up. Some strip clubs have dress codes. If you prefer to book a more elite club, you may not be allowed to enter in shorts, sweatpants, hoodies, and other loose-fitting pants.  Make sure to look up in advance the dress code and abide by it. Try to avoid jeans so your lap dancer does not have to rub up against a rough surface like denim.

Come with Lots of Cash

Aside from being a place of erotic fantasy, a strip club is a place of business where the performers make money. You will need to pay per dance so make sure to keep track of the number of songs you hear. Also, you will have to pay the base rate for private dances, drinks, and lap dances. Ensure you tip the dancers and servers. When watching the show, you must lay down some bills at the end of every dance or put the bills in the dancer’s thong.

Even if the club allows you to pay with a credit card, don’t do it. A lot of clubs will add a surcharge on card purchases so it can suck. Plus, you don’t want a lap dance charged to your credit card bill.

Avoid Touching the Girls

Unless the stripper told you can touch here, you must keep your hands off her. If you will get a private dance, ask her what parts of her body you can touch.