Pubs and bars are the ultimate places where friendships bloom and memories are made. If you’re looking out for such awesome places to hang out with your friends, then you must remain careful about a lot of things. If you end up visiting a low-quality bar or pub, you are most likely to get the worst experience of your life. Having said that, one more thing that you must know about bars is that whilst some are made for entertaining teenagers, there are many others that offer a cozy atmosphere for adults too. Such places are also lit for throwing out farewell parties and bachelorette parties. Wondering how to find such places in Montreal? Well, if so, just take into account the following things while selecting a bar so that you do not end up getting disappointed.

  1. Should Offer Affordable High-quality Beer

Bars and beers are inseparable. Relishing on a pint of beer in a bar is a completely different experience than enjoying a few drinks at home. Elite high-standard bars like the Mad hatter bar are so popular because;

  • They serve different kinds of beers – domestic as well as imported
  • They offer a large selection of other drinks like Sangria, wine, and whiskey
  • All the drinks that they offer are reasonably priced
  1. Should Be Thoughtfully Located

Sophisticated bars that host teenagers, as well as adults, are not randomly constructed buildings. Instead, they are thoughtfully built at prime locations. In fact, there are enough landmarks around such bars. This makes it easy for finding out the bar even if you’re visiting the place for the first time.

  1. Should Serve Sumptuous Meals

Bars without a proper arrangement of food are as shallow as bars without beers. In fact, elite bars like the Mad hatter bar are renowned for their food as much as they’re known for their exquisite beer and wine collection. A few specials worth a mention include;

  • Cheeseburgers
  • Fries
  • Shrimps
  • Salads
  • Chicken wings

Needless to say, you can also find an exquisite selection of pitchers and half pitchers.

  1. Should Have Aesthetic Surroundings

Bars are usually dimly lit to serve the purpose of providing an intimate feeling for making lifetime connections and memories. The aura can be further enhanced by antique paintings and furniture items like wooden barstools and leather couches.

  1. Should Have Music Flowing

The guests are destined to enjoy themselves after a couple of drinks as long as the place is kept lively with music. The DJ should be capable of mixing up the beats according to the tempo of the party.